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Updated 4-23-2019
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Lauch Supplies
ALT TRAK Model Rocket Altitude Tracker -- #302232
ALT TRAK Model Rocket Altitude Tracker -- #302232 by Estes Rockets (est302232)
How high did it really go? Next time measure it with this easy to use device! Follow the rocket in the sights to apogee and release the trigger to lock the reading,. Easy to read display gives altitude in meters along with the elevation angle. Great for school and science projects! Includes detailed instructions and full one year warranty.
Electron Beam Model Rocket Launch Controller -- #302220
Electron Beam Model Rocket Launch Controller -- #302220 by Estes Rockets (est302220)
Completely wired, no assembly required. For the ignition of Estes model rockets (Estes launch pad required). Complete with safety key, continuity light, push button for launching, 17 feet (5.2m) of cable, and micro clips for igniter. hook up.
Interlock Controller
Interlock Controller by Aerotech (aro89381)
Can be used with all model rockets. Audible arming signal. Key-Eject safety key ejection system. 40 feet of power cord to Mantis Launch Pad. Arming status display. Flip-up cover with launch checklist. Cover guards controller launch button. Igniter clip for use with Aerotech Copperhead single lead igniter.
Porta-Pad II Model Rocket Launch Pad -- #302215
Porta-Pad II Model Rocket Launch Pad -- #302215 by Estes Rockets (est302215)
Sturdy, plastic tripod design with tilt adjustment up to 30 degrees from vertical. Easy to set up and take down. Adaptable for 3/16'' (5mm) diameter launch rod (not included). Will launch most Estes rockets.